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Mission is to: inform, preserve, and promote the Independent Retail Grocery Trade by....

  • encouraging collaboration rather than competition
  • developing strategies to strengthen wholesale buying power
  • supporting continual training in best practices
  • sponsoring events that showcase new and trending products
  • fostering development of local, sustainable, and organic products
  • providing political advocacy to advance the interests of independent grocers

For Independent Retail Grocers

INTERACTIVE Shopping List Feature For Your Store's Website

    Facts About Shopping Lists
  • 52% of dads now saying they are the primary grocery shopper.
  • 63% of those dads create a detailed shopping list.
  • According to an article published in ACNeilsen report, 42% of all respondents said they grocery shop with a list "all the time."
  • Among [grocery] insert readers...63% generated shopping lists based on inserts.
  • Survey of 100 random grocery lists reveals the average list contains slightly over 12 items.
**Reach MORE Shoppers** In Your Local Area
Post your printed Specials On the Internet

Smart Phone [iPhone/iPad & Android] Compatible

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